I´m Sonia

the hands behind Zen House

My name is Sonia,
I am originally from Barcelona and I have dedicated
my entire life to the well-being sector.

I began my journey years ago by training in Integral Aesthetics,
where I gained valuable knowledge about skin and body care.

After realizing that massages were “my thing,” I decided to specialize in this field by completing my studies in Quiromassage, Sports Massage, Balneotherapy, and Aromatherapy.

Later on, I started collaborating with the most prestigious hotels in Barcelona, where I learned to refine my techniques and structure my protocols.

After some years, I decided to give my life a new direction by accepting a job offer at a tantra therapy center. That decision completely changed my perspective and concept of everything around the world of massage.

Nowadays, after thousands of sessions done over the years, I am fully aware as a professional and a client that a massage with technique and intention not only heals the body but also the mind and soul.

The truth is, even after all this time, I am still fascinated by the ability to evoke such unique and different sensations through this practice.

One of my great passions is Evolutionary Astrology, a powerful tool that has inspired and guided me to approach my sessions from a different perspective and understand desires, deficiencies, blocks and barriers of each person that comes in a session with me.

Thanks to my knowledge as a therapist and motivated by wanting to reach more people, I have designed with lots of love and consciousness the trips, rituals, and experiences that you will find below.

All the services offered are designed for both men and women who wish to experience healing through massage and go beyond joy, pleasure, or well being.

Sonia - Zen House Massage
Espacio Zen House Massage

Without a doubt, the atmosphere where the sessions take place is as important as everything else, as it is the place where the magic arises and the connection between both parties is created.

ZEN HOUSE MASSAGE is a private, intimate, and mysterious studio where you will feel cared for and pampered at all times.

Upon arrival, you will enter an urban oasis of contemporary industrial style, where natural elements blend with the aromas of incense that will envelop you as soon as you cross the door.

The space is spacious and has a bathroom with a shower with everything necessary for personal hygiene before and after the massage session.

I have two rooms for therapies, both very beautiful and cozy:

In the first, we find a wide solid wood table where I perform holistic treatments.
In the second, I have a large Balinese tatami where I carry out integral rituals.


If there’s something I’ve learned after more than 10 years
of training as an aromatherapist, it’s that the use of high-end
organic products makes a difference in achieving an effect and
result in my treatments.

That’s why in each of the experiences and rituals I offer,
I use natural products of unparalleled quality that are not only
based on a good aroma but also work on a physical, mental, and
spiritual level so that this effect lasts in the body for days.

Vegetable oils, essential oils, muds, clays, salts, and floral waters
are all I use to create magic in each ritual.

Alqvimia, Sisen Oils, and Alteya are some of my favorite brands for
both personal and professional use.

the massage that best suits you

Servicios - Viajes - Zen House Massage


Therapeutic massages with exotic touches created with the purpose and aim of relaxing the person, relieving the muscles, and taking care of the skin.

Servicios - Rituales integrales - Zen House Massage

integral rituals

Massages where the entire body is worked without exception, merging different techniques of traditional, sensitive, and tantric massage.

Servicios - Experiencias - Zen House Massage


The perfect combination between a body treatment and a ritual full of sensuality and eroticism.

Servicios - Astro bienestar - Zen House Massage


A unique and exclusive experience where, through astrology, I will create a personalized ritual according to your needs.

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